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St James Osteopathy can be found in Unit 12 of St James House in Webberley Lane just off Normacot Road, a 1 minute drive from the junction of the A50 and the A5035 Trentham Road.


To get to St James House from Longton bus station its just a 10 minute or half mile walk up the Strand and into Normacot Road. Webberley Lane is 200m on the right.

Alternatively, there are bus stops on Lightwood Road outside Longton Library (serving routes 6, 6c, 11 & 50) or outside of St James' church on Uttoxeter Road (serving routes 6a & 37). St James house is a two minute walk from both of these bus stops.

Route 6: Hanley to Meir square via Longton, Meir, Weston Coyney & Coalville.

Route 6a: Hanley to Blythe Bridge via Longton & Meir.

Route 6c: Caolville to Hanley via Meir, Longton & Stoke.

Route 11: Hanley to Newcastle under Lyme via Bentilee, Longton & Stoke.

Route 37: Longton to Lymdale via Meir, Bentilee, Hanley & Newcastle under Lyme.

Route 50: Hanley to Newstaed via Fenton & Longton.

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